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Society for Bioresource and Stress Management (SBSM) is aimed with diversify the farming system for sustainable livelihood. We have a diversified group working in a team. We work for the disadvantaged people and area, guide and create an opportunity, analyse them, build a relation and enable them for exploring a sustainable solution. Our major area of work includes agriculture, societal initiatives especially for the villagers that help to build a capacity for an alternate livelihood initiative. India is one of the fastest growing nations in the world. It is considered as the treasure house or botanical garden of plant genetic resources. India is recognized as one of the world’s top 12 mega diversity nations. The herbal wealth of the country constitutes more than 8,000 species, out of which 1,800 species are used in Classical Indian systems of medicines. SBSM takes the opportunity to harness the benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants focussing on the unused/ uncultivable land under cultivation. With the establishment of the Ministry of AYUSH by the Govt. of India, the society has paced up its activity to work closely with the farmers. It strongly believes that the growing of medicinal and aromatic plants can improve livelihood condition of the subsistence farmers.

Cameron Williamson